Attention Kutie Protocol tribe!!!!!!!!!

We are giving away a whole outfit via prizeapalooza we didn't want you to miss out!! so leave a comment on their website for your chance to win. Our favourites so far:
"My daughter, dressed in Kutie Protocol funky threads would give Freddie Mercury a run for his money Singing We Will We Will Rock You”
"Granddaughter wants to be too-cool-for-school, Kutie Protocol denim will make friends drool."
"My son rocks out in his Dad’s boots, with a tennis raquet guitar and socks on his hands…Kutie Protocol would complete his look"


Diaper Style Memoirs

How cute is Sasha eh? We had the pleasure of meeting Sasha's mother at playtime NY, she has a beautiful blog called diaper style memoirs and she picked us as one of her favourites from Playtime NY which made us dance on one leg....it sounds better in colombian, check the post here http://diaperstylememoirs.blogspot.com/2011/03/in-my-dream-closet-playtime-edition.html


oUr sTand At pLaytime nY

The recycled materials idea, the collaboration idea, the delicate genius idea of Yumi and Taka Dear Plastic big scale drawing, the process of installation, and the idea of coming back home after an amazing 3 days trade show experience showing our winter collection 2011 in New York, is beyond words. Special Thanks to Yumi and Taka for making our stand look beautiful, and to Lulu, Caro, Laura, and Lee for the awesome hangers with wool they made with such a dedication.


The best dressed owl and rabbit I've seen

Owl : straight leg, wrinkled dark indigo wash Bonnie&Clyde pair of jeans
Rabbit : skinny leg, grey used wash Mick&Bianca pair of jeans.
Neccesary basics for this winter. Featured in Papier Mache.
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